Monday, September 6, 2010

Sweet Saras Chargers 2010

Hi everyone! This year we are keeping things simple and sweet with one 5k race and fundraiser. The race I have chosen is October 30, 2010 in Roswell, GA. It is 20$ to register. I want to encourage walkers and runners to come out and join us, as well as cheerleaders on the sidelines, or anyone that can offer a helping hand the morning of the race or simply in organizing and fundraising.

Big Pumpkin 5k Run/Walk

Saturday October 30, 2010 8:30AM

World Harvest Church

Hardscrabble Rd, Roswell GA

$20.00 for online registration through 10/28


Our goal is to raise more money than last year! I have set up a fundraising page to benefit the Charge Syndrome Foundation, and our goal is set at 1500$. I am hoping to get atleast 10 people to commit to a personal goal of 100$ each, which should be pretty easy by simply sharing our links and Sara's story on facebook, and via email.

Here is the link to our fundraising page. It is easy to use, please share this page and the fundraising page with everyone you know starting now, and continue to leading up to race day.
Donation Page of Sweet Saras Chargers to The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation

Mellow Mushroom Powers Ferry will be hosting a Friday night fundraiser October 22, 2010 with Davin McCoy and the coming attractions, an amazing singer/ far my favorite local musician. Cone out and eat some pizza and listen to some great music and support us!!!

We will also be coordinating an afternoon at Sips N Strokes as another fundraiser..details TBA.
Tshirts to wear on race day will be set up in a template on Vistaprint and each participant will be responsible for ordering their own. I have some leftovers from last year if anyone wants to borrow one.

I would love to squeeze in some group runs to prepare. I myself have lots of catching up to do from a long hiatus of not running or taking very good care of I will be at the Powers Ferry Chattahoochee river trails next Sunday at 6pm rain or shine to get it started. Come on out!!!

That's it for now, keep an eye out for facebook statuses that you can share to get us noticed and get donations coming in. To learn and share Sara's story visit my blog archive "All about my Sweet Sara"

Thankyou for your love and support!
Melissa and Sara

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to my sweetly non compliant girl

It has been a long while since I updated Sara's story of being Sara's mom. After all the buzz over Sara's medical coverage, and our fears that she would be left high and dry...that just simply has not happened. Her very expensive food always comes from somewhere, usually from other EOS parents that have extra..or kind friends and pharmacists with samples and know how. We are allowing her to eat regular food too. The struggle to comply with a totally liquid, tube fed diet just seems like a very extreme sentence for her, especially when we know so many kids with MUCH MUCH more severe symptoms that still manage to eat by mouth. She is very happy about this. We are happy for her. There has been no need for raising medical funds, because she has been doing fantastic. I make the mistake of focusing so much on our struggles, so this time I am happy to report she is growing and learning, and entertaining..
She started kindergarten this year, and we couldnt be happier with her teacher and parapro. They adore her, and she has really blossomed into her own. She has certain activities that she does not care for...physical therapy, occupational therapy..and Math. She refuses to do certain tasks with a kind smile, and we refer to her as sweetly non compliant.
She has learned to write her own name quite well,

and is beginning to write sentences. She can read tons of words, albeit mostly ones that are to her liking such as, pizza and yellow. She is very independant, helping herself to banana flavored popsicles, and toasting bread when she wants it. She can be a little bossy to her brothers, guests, and mostly to our dog, Ashlee.
Today she turns six years old, and I had in mind a long winded tribute to good friend Kelly sent me pictures from that first day in the hospital for me to incorporate.

But as I started looking at them, I was just reminded of what a great day that was with my best girlfriends, and how for everything we have been through we still have the same amazing people in our lives, touching Sara with laughter and love and lighthearted spirits.

Lots of ups and downs for sure, but a long winded tribute doesnt really suit my sassy little firecracker. She doesnt have time for that, she is a happy, busy girl. She does love her some yellow markers, yellow clothes, yellow shoes, yellow notebooks, yellow people and pictures though...

"Happy Birthday to YOU Sara."